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The Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT International Symposium 2023

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1Symposium: Competitive Strategies in "Manufacturing Data Spaces"(Real)October 11th, 2023 10:00October 11th, 2023 17:30KIKAI SHINKOU Build. B2 Hall
2Symposium: Competitive Strategies in "Manufacturing Data Spaces"(Online)October 11th, 2023 10:00October 11th, 2023 17:30Online


The symposium has concluded, thanks to all of you.

The participation at KIKAI SHINKOU Build. B2 Hall will be limited to the first 200 attendees.

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming  Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT International Symposium 2023 entitled  Competitive Strategy in "Manufacturing Data Spaces" 

Recent changes in international circumstances, such as the tensions between the United States and China and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, have had a significant impact on our country's manufacturing industry. Specifically, issues related to supply chain resilience, such as reevaluating procurement sources and reconfiguring production bases, have become critical. Simultaneously, there is a growing focus on climate change and human rights issues, necessitating collaboration across companies and nations to strengthen supply chains collectively.

The evolution of digital technology is driving significant transformations in the manufacturing sector. Germany's Industrie 4.0, for instance, is promoting industrial transformation based on autonomy, interoperability, and sustainability, with initiatives in data spaces  advancing to practical stages and global discussions progressing. Similarly, the United States is making strides in Advanced Manufacturing, emphasizing innovation.

In light of these developments in the digital economy, it is imperative that we address how we perceive and adapt to these changes promptly. Recognizing this urgency, RRI has collaborated with leaders and experts from both domestic and international arenas to organize the 9th Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT International Symposium. Our aim is to leverage our strengths, share challenges in leading the world, and provide a platform for discussing future prospects. We sincerely invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Thank you for your attention and support, and we look forward to your participation.



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■Oct. 11th, 2023

[Session 1]Case Study : Manufacturing Data Spaces

We will study how the transition of manufacturing in the digital era is happening through practical examples. In particular, we will understand how industrial data spces will be used by its users, manufacturing companies, through the introduction of practical examples.


(1) 10:00 - 10:05  Opening Remark

Mr. Michitaka Nakatomi(Management Secretary, Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative)



(2) 10:05 - 10:20  Building the future industrial data economy

Mr. Markus Heß  (Deputy-Director General, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action(BMWK))

Industrial data ecosystems are a prerequisite for supply chain resilience, sustainability, and competitiveness. The international community should be able to build a global industrial data ecosystem that will facilitate innovation while ensuring the data sovereignty of all participants.


(3) 10:20 - 10:45  Catena-X: The first open and collaborative data ecosystem – realizing the data value chain

Mr. Hagen Heubach (Catena-X Automotive Network, Board Member / SAP SE, Head of Industry Business Unit Automotive, Global Vice President)

Resilience, sustainability and competitiveness for the international Automotive industry ignited the creation of the Catena-X data ecosystem three years ago. Realizing value in an ecosystem based on data exchanged efficiently, secure and openly, creates economic advantages for companies adapting early.International and cross-industry collaboration is essential to create value across all organizations participating, yet avoiding multiple standards where possible to reduce complexity and increase adoption. Catena-X is now ready to serve the Automotive industry across regions and help establish a common language to facilitate growth and innovation.


(4) 10:45- 11:10  Industrial Dataspace approach

Mr. Ingo Sawilla (Trumpf Werkzeugmaschien SE, Coordinator Datagovernance +Datasecurity)                        

The European strategy for data is relevant in various sectors such as environment, agriculture, industry, health, and transportation. Manufacturing-X aims at implementation in these sectors. The legal preconditions will be created, and more and more data will be shared in the future. At the same time, the data producers should retain control of their data. Contemporaneous the importance of cybersecurity and data governance, and data protection will become even more crucial. New technologies for data analysis, machine learning and blockchain will enable digital value creation. Based on business example, it is explained where the benefits are, and which challenges have to be solved internationally.


(5) 11:10 - 12:00  Panel Discussion


Mr. Markus Heß (Deputy-Director General, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK))

Mr. Hagen Heubach (Catena-X Automotive Network, Board Member / SAP SE, Head of Industry Business Unit Automotive, Global Vice President)

Mr. Ingo Sawilla (Trumpf Werkzeugmaschien SE, Coordinator Datagovernance +Datasecurity)


Dr. Naohiko Irie (Co-chair person, WG1, RRI / Senior Strategist, Control System Platform Division,Social Infrastructure Business Unit, Hitachi Ltd.)


Based on the  presented case studies, we will discuss the motibation, benefits, concerns and differences  as well as how it differs from traditional data integration with customers and suppliers from the perspective of data space users.


[Session 2] Leaders Dialogue:Data circulation and value creation

Inviting Thought Leaders from the world to introduce regional developments, taking into account the discussions in Session 1, and to provide insight into the vision for the global industrial digitalization in 2023. Each speaker will discuss the direction they believe the world should be heading in the future and the current challenges, exploring how data space and digital twins are related. This forum aims to not only view data circulation and digital twins as mere technologies but also as a reflection of the motivations and underlying contexts driving them. 


(1) 13:00 - 13:05  Opening Remark

 Mr.Hiroki Murakami (Co-chair person, WG1, RRI / Technical Advisor Technology & Intelligence Integration IHI Corporation)



(2) 13:05 - 13:25  Data Sharing in Industrial Data Ecosystems

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Boris Otto (Fraunhofer ISST, Director / Fraunhofer ICT Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors / TU Dortmund University, Chair of Industrial Information Management)

Data is a resource for competitive advantage of the industrial enterprise and for economic resilience and sustainability. The value of the data resource can only be captured, though, when data is used. While in the past, many industrial enterprises focused on maximizing the use value of data for internal purposes, data ecosystems aim at addressing opportunities and challenges that go beyond the boundaries of the individual companies. Industrial data ecosystems make use of data from different sources to realize innovation from data that no individual enterprise is capable of achieving alone. A prerequisite of data sharing in ecosystems is trust, i.e. trust among the participants on the one hand side and trust in the data and in data sovereignty on the other hand. The talk introduces examples of industrial data ecosystems, elaborates on the important role of data spaces, and gives an outlook to upcoming developments in research and industry.


(3) 13:25 - 13:45  The Current State and Prospects of Data Infrastructure and Data Utilization in Japan 

Prof. Dr. Noboru Koshizuka ( Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, the University of Tokyo / Data Society Alliance, CEO)

The data infrastructure in our country is still evolving and there are still challenges in data utilisation.To solve these challenges, we need to establish a community in the data field, to provid the systems and tools necessary for data federation and utilization, data integration and data-related human resource development are necessary. In this presentation, we will discuss the status of data infrastructures in Japan,including cross-domain data-sharing infrastructures such as DATA-EX.


(4) 13:45 - 14:05  The Global Status of Digital Twin Technology Examination and Case Studies

Mr.Dan Isaacs (CTO of Digital Twin Consortium)

We will provide an explanation, including the introduction of whitepapers presenting technical discussions and validations conducted by advanced technology organizations participating in the Digital Twin Consortium,also introduce global case studies of digital twins presented and announced within the Digital Twin Consortium.


(5) 14:05 - 15:00  Panel Discussion


Prof. Dr. -Ing. Boris Otto (Fraunhofer ISST, Director / Fraunhofer ICT Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors / TU Dortmund University, Chair of Industrial Information Management)

Prof. Dr. Noboru Koshizuka ( Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, the University of Tokyo / Data Society Alliance, CEO)

Mr. Dan Isaacs  (CTO of Digital Twin Consortium)

Mr. Henning Banthien (Secretary General, Plattform Industrie 4.0)


Mr. Hiroki Murakami (Co-chair person, WG1, RRI / Technical Advisor Technology & Intelligence Integration IHI Corporation)


[Session 3]Japan-Germany Expert Forum

This is a progress report on the collaboration and cooperation between Germany's Platform Industrie 4.0 and RRI, which began in 2016. Both the Standardization Experts Meeting and the Industrial Security Experts Meeting have now exceeded a total of 70 sessions, establishing themselves as conduits for Japanese-German collaboration. Additionally, we will also provide an overview of the Japanese-German discussions concerning the Manufacturing Data Space. In the final session, we plan to announce updates from the International Manufacturing-X Council, which signifies discussions taking place on a global scale, transcending the Japanese-German framework.


(1) 15:15 - 15:20  Welcome addres by METI 

Ms. Miho Kawamura (Director, Manufacturing Industries Strategy Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI)



(2) 15:20 - 15:25  Welcome addres by BMWK- The paradigm shift in data utilization: The establishment of the International Manufacturing-X Council

Mr. Markus Heß  (Deputy-Director General, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action(BMWK))

Germany and Japan can look back at a long standing and trustful cooperation in shaping the digital transformation of manufacturing industries. Germany and Japan together with many more international partners strive to establish the “international Manufacturing-X Council”, which will be a forum to harmonize the international development of industrial data ecosystems. Together, we will leverage the full potential of a global industrial data economy.


(3) 15:25 - 15:55  Trustworthiness for Value Chains 

Dr. Wolfgang Klasen (Plattform Industrie 4.0 AG3 / Siemens AG)

Ms. Ayaji Furukawa (Industrial Cyber Security AG, RRI / Toshiba Corporation)

We will introduce our review of trustworthiness in the circular economy and DPP enabled by the advancement of data spaces.


(4) 15:55 - 16:25  Digital twin usage and standardization

Prof. Dr. Fumihiko Kimura (Chairman of International Standard AG, RRI / Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo)

Dr. Michael Rudschuck (DKE(German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies), head of the Industry Department ) 

The digital twin has become an indispensable foundation for building cyber-physical systems related to societal industrial activities. We have jointly examined various applications of digital twins between Japan and Germany. We have conducted research on the various aspects of utilization, their characteristics, and the detailed realization, and we will propose the necessary standardization items.


(5) 16:25 - 16:35  Introduction to the topics discussed in Japan: "Innovation in the Digital Age."

 Mr. Kiyoshi Mizukami (Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative Advisor)


One of the important perspectives in the Industrial Revolution 4th , DX, and Society 5.0 is the activation of innovation. We will introduce topics related to the examination of what digital age innovation is, how it differs from the past, and what challenges it entails.


(6) 16:35 - 16:55  Japan-Germany collaboration on manufacturing data spaces

Prof. Dr. Shinsuke Kondo (Chairman of Manufacturing Data Space AG, RRI / The University of Tokyo)

Mr. Henning Banthien (Secretary General, Plattform Industrie 4.0)

Data space in the manufacturing industry is being examined separately in both Japan and Germany. In Germany, there has been progress in the expansion from Catena-X to Manufacturing-X. What commonalities exist between Japan and Germany? We will share the current status in preparation for future collaboration.


(7) 16:55 - 17:25  Announcement of International Manufacturing-X council 

Mr. Thomas Hahn (Plattform Industrie 4.0 / Chief Expert Software, Siemens AG)

Mr. John Dyck (CEO, CESMII)

Prof. Bronwyn Fox (Chief Scientist, CSIRO)

Mr. Kazuo Nakashima(General Manager, Industrial IoT, RRI)

The discussion on data space in the manufacturing industry extends beyond Japan and Germany. Manufacturing industries collaborate across borders, and similar collaboration is expected in the realm of data. The International Manufacturing-X Council has engaged participants from various regions around the world to advance discussions for global collaboration. In this RRI Symposium, we will take the opportunity to pre-release the Council's vision, role, and more in the form of a playbook, setting a global precedent.


(8) 17:25 - 17:30  Closing remarks

 Dr. Takashi Hotta (Secretary General, Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative)



[Networking]18:00 - 20:00 @ Rounge 6th floor

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