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            Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative 

Activities in Hannover Messe 2019

  • ■Forum Industrie 4.0 (meets RRI) @ Hall 8 D17

    • - Monday, 1 April, 12:30-13:00
              “IoT Design Approach by Adapting Framework”,
               Mr. Hiroshi YAMAMOTO, Toshiba Corp., Corporation Digitaization CTO
    • - Monday, 1 April, 14:00-14:30,
              “Connected Industries Open Framework for Industrial Value Chain Transformation”, 
               Dr. Yasuyuki NISHIOKA, Industrial Value Chain Initiative, President
    • - Tuesday, 2 April, 16:00-16:30,
              “Navigation Scheme of Smart Manufacturing System Development for Each Maturit Level Enterprise”, 
               Dr. Youichi NONAKA, Hitachi, Ltd., Senior Chief Researcher
    • - Wednesday, 3 April, 10:00-10:30,
              “German-Japan Collaboration for Standardization in Smart Manufacturing”, 
               Dr. Fumihiko KIMURA, The University of Tokyo, Professor Emeritu
    • - Wednesday, 3 April, 11:00-11:30, 
              “Toward Realization of Smart Manufacturing Systems”, 
               Dr.Shinsuke KONDOH, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Group leader


  • ■13th German - Japanese Economic Forum

            Wednesday,3 April, 13:45–14:30

    • - “IIoT Security: The role of trustworthiness in international value chains”,
          Ms. Masue SHIBA, Toshiba Corp.
    • - “Standardization Activities in Germany-Japan Cooperation for Smart Manufacturing”,
          Dr. Youichi NONAKA, Hitachi. Ltd., Senior Chief Researcher

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  • ■Japan Pavilion for Connected Industries  (Stand : Hall 8   F19)


- ABeam Consulting Ltd.
- Edgecross Consortium
- i Smart Technologies Corporation
- Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association
- National Institute of Information and Communications Technology



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 Japan Pavilion in 2018                  


Information on RRI



Cooperative relationship


To Survive by agile and open value creation with Industrial IoT.


Organization name of Japanese Industrial Association
The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association,  Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers’ Association,  Japan Electronics and Information, Technology Industries Association,  The Japan Machinery Federation, Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association,  The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery, Manufacturers,  Manufacturing Science and Technology Center,  Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association, Japan Robot Association, Communications and Information Network Association of Japan,  Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association,  Japan Auto Parts Industries Association


Toward the target


Key enabler realizing Japan's "Society 5.0" national target



Achievement on RRI

International Symposium and Workshop materials

- The Robot Revolution and Industrial Iot International Symposium 2018
IIC and RRI joint workshop (Only JP)
- Connected Industries Seminar - Osaka / Nagoya / Hiroshima - (Only JP)
The 3rd RRI International Symposium for Connected Industries (in 2017)



- Functional view of application scenario Value-Based Service (Germany - Japan Collaboration)
- Usage view of Asset Administration Shell (Germany - Japan Collaboration)
- Realization of Smart Manufacturing Systems for Machine Tools
   - Series 1: Case: Improvement of the Machining Process Productivity Based on the Machine Tool Technology
   - Series 2: Case: A cyber-physical manufacturing system enhanced with collective knowledge
   - Series 3: Case: Collaborative design and implementation of monitoring/visualization system 
                             considering diversity of machine tools

Systems Engineering Guideline (Only JP)
Asset Administration Shell overview report (Only JP)



- IoT Use case map
IoT Tools and solutions (Only JP)
Future Image Videos
- Japan Robot Database(Only JP)


World Robot Summit

- WRC2018 Live Video Archive


Robot Revolution & IoT Industrial Initiative (RRI)