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The Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT International Symposium 2022

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1[Day 1] Transformation of Manufacturing in the Digital EraOctober 11, 2022 14:30October 11, 2022 16:30Live streaming
2[Day 2] Leaders Dialogue: Integrated Service System of PSSs as a Social InfrastructureOctober 12, 2022 19:00October 12, 2022 21:00Live streaming
3[Day 3] Japan-Germany Expert ForumOctober 13, 2022 17:30October 13, 2022 19:20Live streaming


All of this year's international symposiums have been completed. 

The URL for the symposium will be sent via email after October 3rd.


 We are happy to inform you that we will hold "Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT International Symposium 2022" entitled "Manufacturing as the Foundation of All Industries".

 The world population is about to reach 8 billion. It is said that less than 2 billion of them enjoy an adequate quality of life (QOL). There is an overwhelming lack of infrastructure and goods (services). The recent unstable social situation has further aggravated this situation. On the other hand, we know that responding to this situation with conventional industrial approaches is incompatible with the global environment and the elimination of inequalities. A new approach is needed in the manufacturing industry. In this year's symposium, while introducing RRI's awareness of issues and discussions over the past year, we will (1) learn about the transition of manufacturing in the digital age from practical examples, (2) discover the principles of manufacturing in the digital age as social infrastructure based on the major trends in the U.S. and Europe and the discussion on the first day, and (3) report on Japan-Germany collaborative cooperation. The subtitle of the symposium is "Manufacturing as the Foundation of All Industries", with the idea that the manufacturing industry supports one part of the solution of social issues that require the efforts of various industries. We look forward to your participation.

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■October 11, 2022

[Day 1] Transformation of Manufacturing in the Digital Era

Based on practical examples, we will share how manufacturing and engineering are changing, and through Volkswagen's initiatives and the progress of Catena-X, an automotive data space from Europe, we will consider the servitization of manufacturing and production in the digital age.

(1) 14:30 - 14:35 (JST)  Opening Remark

Mr. Yasuto Harayama (Management Secretary, RRI)



(2) 14:35 - 14:55  Digital.Transformation@Volkswagen

Mr. Frank Goeller (Board Member, Catena-X Automotive Network / Head of Digital Manufacturing, Volkswagen)  


 The Volkswagen Group has a long tradition in car manufacturing. IT systems were always integrated to deliver more performance and stability in Volkswagen value chains. But todays VUCA world is dramatically changing product and processes. Legacy systems have to be replaced and new IT architecture to be created. Software focus and data centricity is becoming the core of our transformation. Volkswagen follows a clear strategy to rebuild Production and Production IT. Partnering with leading companies like AWS & Siemens and creating a builder mindset are key elements on this roadmap. But also scalability of Use Cases and focused innovation management as well as Cloud Ecosystems with long data chains across the holistic supply chain are highly relevant. Volkswagen is in the middle of this digital transformation. Learn more about it in this presentation.


(3) 14:55 - 15:15  Catena-X: On the way to the first truly open and collaborative data ecosystem

Mr. Hagen Heubach (Board Member, Catena-X Automotive Network  / Global Vice President, Head of Industry Business Unit Automotive, SAP SE) 


With Catena-X, the automotive industry of the future uses a trustworthy, collaborative, open and secure data ecosystem.All players are networked in end-to-end value chains, in which all partners are on an equal ground, have sovereign control over their data and no lock-in effects occur, which provides a sustainable solution for the digitalization of manufacturing & supply chains, especially for medium-sized and small companies, and supports the cooperation and collaboration of market participants and competitors.The Keynote will focus especially on the use cases of the manufacturing area like Demand & Capacity management, modular production & digital twins.


(4) 15:15 - 15:35  Approaches to Manufacturing in the Digital Era

Prof. Dr. Seiko Shirasaka(Prof. Dr. Seiko Shirasaka  (Professor of Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM), Keio University)


In an age when the use of digital technology has become normal, not only will the conventional approach to manufacturing be replaced by digital technology, but the way of providing social value will also be digitally enabled. In addition, there will be things that need to be taken into account because of the digital age. In this session, I will explain how the provision of social value in the digital age will change, what points need to be considered in order to achieve this change, and how manufacturing needs to be done with specific examples.


(5) 15:35 - 16:30  Panel Discussion

[Moderator] Mr. Shuhei Sugie (Strategy Innovation Group Open Innovation Unit Director, FUTURE CORPORATION)


[Panelist] Mr. Frank Goeller, Mr. Hagen Heubach, Prof. Dr. Seiko Shirasaka


■October 12, 2022

[Day 2] Leaders Dialogue: Integrated Service System of PSSs as a Social Infrastructure   

Based on the introduction of trends in each region and the discussion of Day 1, we will identify the principles of manufacturing as a social infrastructure in the digital age that supports sustainable development and have the resilience for changes.

(1) 19:00 - 19:05 (JST)  Opening Remark

Dr. Naohiko Irie (Co-chair person, WG1, RRI / Senior Strategist, Control System Platform Division, Social Infrastructure Business Unit, Hitachi Ltd.)



(2) 19:05 - 19:25  Sustainable and resilient digital ecosystems

Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann (Chair of the acatech Board of Trustees, former acatech President Global Representative & Advisor to the Plattform Industrie 4.0)


The 2030 vision for Industrie 4.0 was recently confirmed with adapted priorities:circular economy, supply chain security and resilient ecosystems which can be adapted nearly in realtime. Accelerating the digital transformation and taking a holistic lifecycle view on the entire product-service-system will decouple economic growth from resource consumption. Trustworthy exchange of information with guaranteed data sovereignty and frictionless multilateral collaboration in adaptable global ecosystems will create significant value. The paradigm shift towards decentral, fully interoperable but still self-determining organisational entities will continue and deliver diversification and plurality. Digital twins, industrial data spaces and interoperability in all three dimensions: technological, commercial and legal are essential for sustainable and resilient ecosystems. The twin transformation: green and digital requires a coordinated strategy and implementation of Industrie 4.0 principles, advanced robotics, lifelong learning and social innovations.


 (3) 19:25 - 19:45  Partnering to Drive Interoperability and Harmonization

Mr. John Dyck (CEO, Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute) 


Despite the fact that we’re 10 years into the 4th industrial revolution, we’re only beginning to understand what that truly means, and the potential impact in terms of value creation. The 3rd industrial revolution was marked by proprietary behaviors and technologies, and a reluctance to embrace change. Digital transformation represents the single greatest opportunity in a generation for manufacturing operations to create value, but it will take clarity of purpose (leadership), a commitment to challenge the status quo (empowered people) and a willingness to engage your innovation partners (technology vendors, system integrators, consultants, machine builders, suppliers…) and entice them to join you on this transformative journey. 


(4) 19:45 - 20:05  Domestic Trends and the Significance of Manufacturing in the Next Industrial Structure (from RRI's Perspective)

Mr. Kiyoshi Mizukami (Industrial IoT Advisor, WG1, RRI)

Introduction of major domestic trends in response to the 4th Industrial Revolution (DX, Society 5.0) and proposal of the role of the manufacturing industry and the significance of manufacturing technology in the next generation industrial structure that will be changed by digitalization, based on RRI's perspective. 


(5) 20:05 - 21:00  Panel Discussion

 [Moderator] Dr. Naohiko Irie

 [Panelist] Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann, Mr. John Dyck, Mr. Kiyoshi Mizukami


October 13, 2022

[Day 3] Japan-Germany Expert Forum

This is a progress report on the cooperation between German Platform Industrie 4.0 and RRI that began in 2016. Both the Standardization Expert Meeting and the Industrial Security Expert Meeting have been held more than 50 times in total and have become established as a relationship for Japan-Germany collaboration. Discussions on the business ecosystem as a new relationship have also begun.                                        

(1) 17:30 - 17:35 (JST)  Welcome address by METI

Ms. Tomoko Ina (Director, Manufacturing Industries Policy Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI)



(2) 17:35 - 17:40  Welcome address by BMWK

Mr. Markus Heß (Deputy Director General, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action)



(3) 17:40 - 18:10  Toward the Future of Manufacturing - Standardization Collaboration

Prof. Dr. Fumihiko Kimura (Chairman of International Standard AG, RRI / Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo)



Dr. Jens Gayko (Standardization Council Industrie 4.0, Managing Director)


The German-Japanese standardization collaboration has already held more than 50 meetings since 2016, and while specific standardization activities are carried out by the ISO and IEC councils, this collaborative group discusses the future standardization areas needed in smart manufacturing from both Japanese and German perspectives. In this issue, we will introduce the history and recent topics of these discussions, as well as the German approach to standardization.


(4) 18:10 - 18:40  IIoT Value Chain Security- Chain of Trust for Organizations and Products

Ms. Ayaji Furukawa (Industrial Cyber Security AG, RRI / Toshiba Corporation)



Ms. Aliza Maftun  (Plattform Industrie 4.0 AG3 / Siemens AG)


PI4.0 and RRI have been discussing the goal of this activity, namely to foster trust in increasingly digitized and interconnected economies. This session will present the idea of establishing Chain of Trust along supply chains with the help of trustworthiness profiles, i.e., as a mechanism to communicate trustworthiness. Also, in the supply chain, it is necessary not only to trust the organization, but also to trust the distributed products. Therefore, we will also present our thoughts on products’ trustworthiness.


(5) 18:40 - 19:10  Business Ecosystem in Industries

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Löwen  (Plattform Industrie 4.0 AG6 / Siemens AG)



Mr. Shuhei Sugie (Strategy Innovation Group , FUTURE CORPORATION)


The Business Ecosystem movement in Europe is gaining momentum. At the Japan-Germany expert meeting, we are discussing what an open ecosystem with the participation of various stakeholders would be. We will present the analysis of Business Ecosystem and examples of evolving Business Ecosystems (patterns of ecosystems).


(6) 19:10 - 19:20  Closing Remarks

Dr. Takashi Hotta  (Secretary General, RRI)



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