The 3rd RRI International Symposium (November 30)

The 3rd RRI International Symposium for Connected Industries

 The 3rd RRI International Symposium will be held.
 The first part of the morning, entitled "Connected Industries International Symposium" hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under the challenge of the frontier of this era, Japan, in addition to Japan "Connected Industries", the World Economic Forum "Fourth Industrial Revolution" , Germany "Industries 4.0", China "Manufacturing 2025 in China" and "Industrial Internet Consortium" in the United States, invite top runners active in their respective achievements and give lectures.
 The second part of the afternoon, under the auspices of RRI, entitled "RRI Industrial IoT International Symposium ~ Connected Industries ~", with RRI activities as the main axis, together with experts from related countries, the future of the manufacturing industry and international We will give lectures and discussions on standardization and industrial security.
We would like to invite you to participate.

Date :  Thursday, November 30, 2017

Place : Tokyo Big Sight   7F International Conference Room

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Part 1






10:00 -

Welcoming Remarks
Mr. Kousaburo Nishime(Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry )

Keynote Speech
The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Society 5.0
Mr. David Aikman
( Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum )

Speech 1
Public-private collaboration and RRI for Connected Industries
Mr. Hideaki Omiya
( Chairperson, Robot Revolution Initiative (RRI) )

Speech 2
Industrie 4.0 needs international action
Mr. Markus Heß
( Deputy Director General, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy )

Speech 3
"Made in China 2025" and Industrial Internet
Ms. Li Haihua
( Vice Chief Engineer, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology )

Speech 4
IIC: An introduction to the consortium and overview of Industrial Analytics Work
Mr. Wael William Diab
( Chair of Industrial Analytics TG, Technology WG and Liaison WG. SC Member, IIC )

Part 2







13:00 -

Announcement for RRI & IIC Collaboration MoU
 IIC :Mr. Wael William Diab  (Chair of Industrial Analytics TG, 
         Technology WG and Liaison WG. SC Member
 RRI:Dr. Tomoaki Kubo
(Secretary General)

Keynote Speech
ARENA2036 – A New World of Joint Research and Innovation
Dr. Mirko Bordigno (Group manager - Software Engineering and System Integration, Robot and Assistive Systems Department, Fraunhofer IPA)

Session 1 Future image of Manufacturing and Service with IIoT

- CTU in Prague, CIIRC, and the National Centre for Industry 4.0
Dr. Roman Holý
( Director, National Center for Industry 4.0 )

- Faster Transition to a Connected Industry – The Swedish Way
Mr. Johan Harvard
( Head of Section -Connected Industry / new materials, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation )

- Japan / RRI’s insight 
Mr. Toru Ishikuma
( Head of Usecase Taskforce, RRI/ Azbil )

Panel Discussion
Naoaki Fujino( Leader of Intelligence and marketing team,RRI/ NRI )      

Dr. Mirko Bordignon
Dr. Roman Holý
Mr. Johan Harvard
Mr. Wael William Diab
Ms. Li Haihua (CAICT)
Mr. Toru Ishikuma






14:55 -




Session 2 Harmonizing Smart Manufacturing Standards with use cases

- Practical application of openAAS (open Asset Administration Shell)
Dr. Ulrich Löwen (Siemens)

- ‘Functional-level Use Case’ drawn by Germany – Japan standardization experts
Mr. Toru Ishikuma(Head of Usecase Taskforce, RRI/ Azbil)

- Clarifying and Assisting Smart Manufacturing standardization with URM-MM 
Dr. Youichi Nonaka( Leader of IEC/SEG7 TT3, RRI/ Hitachi )

Panel Discussion
Prof. Fumihiko Kimura( Chairman of International Security AG,RRI/ The Univ. of Tokyo )

Dr. Ulrich Löwen
Mr. Toru Ishikuma
Dr. Youichi Nonaka






15:55 -




Session 3 Extracting Industrial Security Issues with usecases

- Security for Industriy 4.0 Trandes -- Challenges -- Opportunities
Dr. Wolfgang Klasen ( Head of Research Group,Security for Embedded Systems,Industry4.0,IoT,Siemens )

- Industrial Security - EU Updates                    
Mr. Thomas Walloschke ( Director, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer,Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH )

- Industrial security Requirements -extracted from discussion on a cross organization use case-                    
Dr. Takeshi Yoneda ( iSec AG,RRI/ Mitsubishi Electric )

Panel Discussion
Prof. Tsutomu Matsumoto( Chairman of Industrial Security AG,RRI/ Yokohama National Univ. )

Dr. Wolfgang Klasen
Mr. Thomas Walloschke
Mr. Steffen Zimmermann ( Head of Industrial Security,VDMA )
   Mr. Lukas Linke
( Manager Security,Safety/Security Devision,ZVEI )

   Dr. Takeshi Yoneda