About the material of the 1st RRI activity report

 The following presentation materials used for the report meeting of the Robot Revolution Initiative for FY 2016 were posted on the website for RRI members.
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The 1st Robot Revolution Initiative Activity Report

1. The Manufacturing business revolution through IoT WG
    - Mr. Masayuki Yamamoto,  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation  Executive Officer Deputy General Manager, FA System Business Division  
    - Mr. Kiyoshi Mizukami,  Hitachi, Ltd.  Director of External Affairs Division, Headquarters for Industry and Water Operations Headquarters 



 2. The Promotion of Robot Utillization in Society WG
  Mr. Hiroshi Fujiwara, Executive Director, Japan Robot Association



3. The Robot Innovation WG
   - Professor Tomomasa Sato, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo,  Future Center Promotion Organization Robotization Consortium
   - Professor Soya Takagi, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Robot and AI Department Advisor
   - Professor Yamada Yasushige, Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering Mechanical Information System Engineering Biomechanics & Human Mechanical Engineering Course




4. Other Activities of the Robot Revolution Initiative
 Dr. Tomoaki Kubo, Robot Revolution Initiative Secretary General