The 1st meeting of the Robot innovation WG was held

The first meeting of "Robot Innovation WG" of Robot Revolution Initiative Council (abbreviated RRI) was held. A total of 78 members including various organizations, industrial associations, research institutes, university faculty members, etc. participated in addition to 48 manufacturing companies involved in a wide range of industries including robot manufacturers, peripheral equipment / software manufacturers, and robot users.



The following message was mentioned from Eiji Wakii of Minister's Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (in charge of manufacturing industry bureau) who met as guest.
"Last year, each government ministries concerned also participated to hold a robot revolution realization meeting, decided to work together with the government to realize the robot revolution, and the public and private unity to carry out the robotic new strategy became united As a core, we established the Robot Revolution Initiative Council, and as one of its concrete activities today, we began full-scale activities of Robot Innovation WG. Although social implementation of robot is said to be important, To realize that, it is important to specifically discover the problem and provide the solution.The robot technology is a comprehensive technology, it is necessary to fuse various technologies and also to adapt to society's problems From this point of view, it is important to gather innovation by gathering wisdom from people in various fields.In order to keep the position that Japan will lead the world in the future as well, I pray for this WG that we will be able to produce fruitful outputs such as reflecting on policies and giving everyone's knowledge. "


 Subsequently, Atsushi Yasuda of the Industrial Machinery Division, Industrial Machinery Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, titled "About efforts aimed at realizing the robot revolution", the background to the establishment of a robotic new strategy, I got an explanation about where robotic new strategy is intended. In addition, I got an explanation about current efforts, etc. about the problem to be overcome related to robot innovation WG.


 We explained the operation policy of WG from Aoki general manager of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the National Research and Development Corporation responsible for the secretariat, and received approval from the participants. In addition, we appointed the following chief and vice chiefs for carrying out future WG activities.