The 1st meeting of the Promotion of Robot Utilization in Society WG was held


  The first meeting of "Robot Utilization Promotion WG" of Robot Revolution Initiative Council (abbreviated RRI) was held.
 In addition to 42 related companies including robot makers, peripheral equipment / software makers, SIer, robot users, insurance, leasing, a total of 56 members, local governments, including various organizations, industrial associations, research institutes, university faculty members,


 The following message was mentioned from Eiji Wakii of Minister's Secretariat of Minister's Secretariat (Department of Industrial Production Bureau) who met up as a guest.
"The robotic new strategy has been discussed over the past year and was compiled in January this year, and the Robot Revolution Initiative Council was established as the implementing entity, and among the three WGs planned from the beginning, this robot Utilization Promotion WG kicked off at the end of today.The teacher of the chief investigator of the robot innovation WG who kicked off last week said "Social implementation is important.While industrial robots are already becoming robot powers, It is exactly the case that there is a problem of Japan and society in the future to implement social implementation in a wide range of fields. "At that time, robots in various fields such as nursing care fields and logistics fields There are parts to be solved by innovation, some parts must be dealt with by the institution, and the method differs depending on the field to be introduced, one by one at the site site, fine From this point of view, we will first organize what problems and problems are felt in the battle, and from there we will have more detail The issue of social implementation will be solved for the first time by discussing the issue, I believe that every detail of steady efforts will lead to the future and I would like to ask for your cooperation widely. "


  Subsequently, Atsushi Yasuda, Director of Robot Policy Division, Industrial Machinery Division, Industry Machinery Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, titled "About efforts for realization of robot revolution", background to the establishment of robotic new strategy, and robotic new I explained the places where strategy is intended. In addition, we explained the problems to be overcome related to the Robot Utilization Promotion WG and the current efforts.



Mr. Yanai of the Japan Robot Association in charge of the secretariat explained the operation policy of the WG and received approval from the participants. In addition, we appointed the following chief and vice chiefs for carrying out future WG activities.