Report on The Robot Revolution and Industrial IoT International Symposium 2018

  This international symposium was jointly held with the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and RRI.
At this symposium, we discussed with the experts of the countries concerned, about the future image of industrial IoT and the international standard adjustment (e.g. industrial security) for the future, which deepened understandings with related countries. 



On 19th, Oct., 2018 @Main Stage, East 6 Hall, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


The video (YouTube) and materials of this symposium

  Program  Video Materials

Welcoming Remarks 

Mr. Koji Inoue (Director-General, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

 Speech 1
“Systematic approach by creating Future Images of Industrial IoT usage”
Mr. Hideaki Omiya (Chairperson, RRI)
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 Speech 2
"Digital Transformation / Industrie 4.0 in Germany: status quo and way ahead"
Mr. Markus Heß (Deputy Director General, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)

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 Speech 3
"Horizon Europe and future images of industry from Europe"
Mr. Thomas Walloschke (AIOTI chair of Steering Board and WG11 chair / Director, Enterpise & Cyber Security, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH)
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 Speech 4
 "Initiatives on Smart Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation of Industrial Cities"
 Prof. Dong Sub Kim (Head, Institute for Future Industry Strategy / Chair Professor, UNIST)
 Keynote Speech
“Plattform Economy needs International Actions”
Dr. Henning Kagermann (Chair of the Board of Trustees, acatech)
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Panel Discussion
"Business Future images of Manufacturing and Service with IIoT"
  - Dr. Henning Kagermann
  - Mr. Markus Heß
  - Mr. Thomas Walloschke
  - Prof. Dong Sub Kim
  - Mr. Kiyoshi Mizukami (Industrial IoT Chief Specialist, RRI)

  Mr. Naoaki Fujino (Leader of Intelligence and Marketing Team, RRI / NRI)

Speech 5
"Platform Economy and Standardization"
Dr. Ulrich Löwen (Plattform Industrie 4.0 / Senior Principal Engineer, Research and Development for Digitalization and Automation, Chief Expert Software, Siemens AG Corporate Technology)
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Speech 6
"Platform Economy and Trustworthiness standardization"
Dr. Wolfgang Klasen (Plattform Industrie 4.0 / Head of Research Group, Corporate Technology Research and Development Security for Embedded Systems, Siemens AG Corporate Technology)
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Panel Discussion
"Harmonizing Smart Manufacturing Standards with Future Images, including Industrial Security"
  - Dr. Ulrich Löwen
  - Mr. Takenori Baba (Use Case TF, RRI / Mitsubishi Electric)
  - Dr. Wolfgang Klasen
  - Dr. Takeshi Yoneda (Industrial Security AG, RRI / Mitsubishi Electric)

  Prof. Fumihiko Kimura (Chairman of International Standard AG, RRI / The University of Tokyo)


Closing Remarks 

Mr. Michitaka Nakatomi (Management Secretary, RRI)



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