Current status of WG1

 Robot Revolution Initiative (RRI)

 RRI was established to realize “robot revolution” led by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
There are three WGs in RRI;
 ・WG1: Manufacturing Business Reformation through IoT
 ・WG2: Robot usage promotion
 ・WG3: Robot Innovation


WG1: Manufacturing Business Reformation through IoT


 The term “robot” is expanded by METI, to include Industrial IoT (“IIoT” i.e. horizontal object-level association), and there are four missions for IIoT in WG1 that has 150 members;

a)     awakening Japanese people where they are, by learning from advanced countries and mapping each standardization activity in Japan on Unified Reference Model – Map & Methodology (URM-MM)
b)     creating business scenarios and use cases
c)     facilitating SMEs
d)     researching reasonable security

 Our society with digitalization should be sustainable with diverse people’s ideas and lives. The important things to achieve this might be a) to create new value reducing unemployment rate, b) to reduce alienation of people and c) to assist growth mindset and association of people, to overcome various social problems from industrial aspect. IIoT’s horizontal entity-level association is a main candidate to achieve these things.




[NC Secretary for SyC SM]
 RRI is a candidate of Japan NC Secretary for SyC SM when SyC SM is established, and will be in liaison with nationwide industrial associations for it.


[International Collaborations]
 RRI has already released Joint statements including Standardization and Industrial Security with Germany and Czech. RRI participates Japan NC activities including IEC/SEG7, IEC/TC65, IEC/ISO/JWG21 and ISO/TC184.


[Current Status]
 At 2035’s or 2025’s future point of view, RRI is struggling to abduct some smart manufacturing to-be images and their issues, now. RRI will call participations of international organizations and countries for its international IIoT Forum held in Tokyo on 30th, Nov. to discuss on this theme.