Information on "Smart manufacturing creation support tool (IoT) handbook"

As I announced the other day, the result of "1st event of IoT tool for small and medium manufacturing" is released.

 This time I will publish the information on the IoT tool that I publicly invited as the eBooks (e-book) version "Smart manufacturing creation support tool (IoT) handbook".
This handbook provides information on IoT tools useful for small and medium-sized enterprises, as an aid to solving the problems of small business owners who are interested in IoT but are not at high altitude and reachable "and" I do not know how to utilize " It makes it easy to refer to.
 Of course, those who support SMEs, as well as those who support it, can save it on a tablet or a smartphone, and when they can use together on the site to search for suitable tools, introduce tools and consider them I hope.

 URL: (in Japanese)

*This handbook is paid for in order to cover the cost of creation and operation.