About beta release of "IoT use case map"


 Currently, I am preparing for "IoT use case map" which plots information by plotting Japanese IoT use case on the map. I will inform you of the beta version "IoT use case map" which posted the use cases extracted based on the case examples of the manufacturing campaign of 2015 and 2016 white papers (Cabinet decision white paper).


- Background of "IoT use case map" release:


In April 2016, based on the joint statement of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the German Ministry of Economic and Energy, the Robot Revolution Initiative (RRI) and German platform industry 4.0 signed a joint statement to cooperate on IoT / Industry 4.0.


 In Germany, IoT's use cases are plotted on the online map and opened to the public, so we have included the meaning of part of cooperation with Germany, and in Japan as well, we have established a mechanism to share the use case of IoT, We decided to disclose our efforts. I would like to deepen collaboration while showing cooperativeness of initiatives of Promotion of IoT in Japanese and German manufacturing industries including these initiatives.

 Also, I believe that everyone's IoT / digitization efforts are widely known nationwide and globally, and we also believe that there is a possibility that various naturally occurring business will be born, We would like to collect IoT use cases, so we appreciate your cooperation.


 Robot Revolution Initiative Secretariat