The founding general meeting of the robot revolution initiative was held.



On May 15, 2016 (Fri), at the Hotel Okura Annex Maple Room (I), the founding general meeting of the robot revolution initiative was held.

On 10th February, the government formulated the "Robot New Strategy" as the decision of the Japanese Economic Revitalization Headquarters, and as the mother of this new strategy promotion, the establishment of the "Robot Revolution Initiative Council" consisting of wide range of stakeholders including industry, government and academia was proposed . The Japan Machinery Industry Federation has approved this proposal and is preparing for the holding of general meetings etc, taking charge of the compilation secretariat of the council.



At the general meeting, Mr. Tadashi Okamura (Nikon Federation Chairman) was elected to the chairperson after greetings from Mr. Atsuro Kuroda, director of manufacturing industry, guest of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, confirmed applicants for enrollment and quorum.
Continue to proceed and proceed to the meeting, (1) confirmation of the primary recruitment member, (2) approval of the draft regulation of the council, (3) election of management secretary, (4) appointment of corporate auditor, (5) appointment of participation Consulted, each approved as per the original proposal. The number of primary recruitment members is 226.
The 1st Executive Board of Management was held in the Maple Room (Ⅱ) after the General Meeting. After confirmation of the quorum, we enter the agenda, (1) appointment of president and vice president, (2) agreement on commission of trustees, (3) selection of "specified corporation" for cooperation fee, (4) working group , (5) establishment of working group liaison meeting. Mr. Masami Yamamoto (Chairman of the Electronic Information Technology Industry Association (one company)), Mr. Hiroaki Nakanishi (One company) Chairman of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association (1) ), Jun Tsuda
((One company) President of the Japan Robot Industry Association) was proposed and approved. Approved the draft on (2) - (5). We selected the Japan - China Unit as the "Specified Corporation" for the cooperation fee of (3).
After the executive committee meeting, we also held a social gathering with the participation of approximately 500 attendees such as machine related industry, council relations and government officials at the same annex room in addition to the founding commemoration of the council. At the social gathering, following the speech of Mr. Okamura 's organizer, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Miyazawa Mr. Miyazawa gave greetings from the seven ministers.