The WG1 Medium-Small Business Sub-Council Interim Summary



We summarized the results of the activities at The Manufacturing business revolution through IoT WG's "SME sub-committee" as follows. 


The "SME sub-committee" was established under the robot revolution initiative WG1 (The Manufacturing business revolution through IoT WG). Based on the actual situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to revitalize the awareness and efforts towards IoT by small and medium-sized enterprises (including small companies) from the viewpoint of maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of the entire manufacturing industry in Japan We have identified problems. We have compiled the results of the examination, so we announce it.


1. Committee registry

2. Discussion points

3. In order to utilize IoT in small and medium-sized enterprises (coping policy)

4. (Reference) Direction of measures


- Robot Revolution Initiative 



- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Manufacturing Industry Bureau