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WG1: "Functional Viewpoint of Application Scenario Value-Based Service"

International Standardization Collaboration Progress Report
based on the joint statement between Plattform Industrie 4.0 and RRI


  As declared on 22th, Dec. 2017, RRI, Standardization Council Industrie 4.0 and VDI/VDE Society published two joint discussion papers for Value-Based Service Application Scenario as a description of a future image of Smart Manufacturing era.

  For the sustainable society like "Society 5.0", horizontal-associated type manufacturing included in "Connected Industries" is a key factor to create value continuously.

  While German experts developed one paper from Usage Viewpoint, the Japanese developed another one from Functional Viewpoint based on the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA) by the Industrial Internet Consortium.


Japanese discussion paper;



 German discussion paper can be accessed by the following link; )


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