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Release of white paper in collaboration with Acatech

 「Revitalizing Human-Machine Interaction for the advanced society」


 RRI, in collaboration with Acatech (German Academy of Engineering), proposed the ideal form of humans and machines in the digital society and made a white paper (with JP version).


[Background and aims]

 - Japan and Germany have a common social issue of aging labors and equipment.
 - Taking one step from the argument that machines will replace people through digitization, Suggest how humans and 
   machines can coexist so that people can demonstrate their creativity.


1. Statistical introduction of changes in work and labor productivity in the digital society
2. History of human-machine interaction, ideal form of human-machine
    - Conventional: Technology and skills are handed down from person to person
    - Current: Risk of deteriorating human ability due to too much support from machines to humans
    - Ideal way: Multiverse Mediation, Digitize and share knowledge gained from human-human, human-machine,
      and machine-machine interactions
3. Examples of efforts by Japan and Germany toward realization
     SAP: Innovation through employment of diverse human resources
     Hitachi: Case study on co-evolution of man and machine, German Artificial Intelligence Laboratory DFKI joint research  
     Mitsubishi Electric: Collective Intelligence
     Tokyo University: Digital triplets

 White Paper:

English version Japanese version



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