Webinar 【データ連携基盤と製造業DX(第9回)-Catena-X Global PoC / Cofinity-X Japan PoC参加企業募集説明会-】Q&A資料

  2024年1月17日(水) 17:00-19:00 にWebinar 【データ連携基盤と製造業DX(第9回)-Catena-X Global PoC / Cofinity-X Japan PoC参加企業募集説明会-】を開催いたしました。





Category No. Question Answer
Participation Q1 What will we do if we participate in Catena-X's global PoC? we would be happy if you could let us know for example the schedule and amount required. Not Catena-X gloabl PoC - Dataexchange in the Catena-X dataspace via Cofinity-X
Q2 Will the participating companies exchange data between companies with whom they have a business relationship?
Will data be exchanged between OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2... or between companies participating in the PoC?
Existing business relationships 
Q3 Will non-Japanese companies such as European OEMs participate in the PoC? We would appreciate it if you could tell us which companies are participating. no
Q4 Is it possible to join the PoC even if a company is not from automobile/manufacturing industry (IT etc.)? No. Current focus is automotiv. App Provider can get certified by Catena-X and Consultancy Partners can contact Anna for futur collaboration.
Q5 What is the difference between Global PoC and Japan Poc?
Is it just the region? Or is the content also different?
Global PoC is a Catena-X plan. Cofinity-X supports PoCs for all  interested customers and their existing supply chain relationships.
Q6 What is the Framework agreement about? Cofinity-X legal contract
Q7 What are the Agreements required to participate in a PoC? The Cofinity-X framework agreement. Happy to share with interests
Q8 Is there anything that a company should prepare in advance when joining a PoC? A guide like a checklist would be helpful. Slide provided in the pdf
Q9 Does the PoC go through the basic Catena-X onboarding process? Yes. Registration in the Catena-X ecosystem
Q10 Does the participant have any obligations by participating in the PoC? 2FTE 3 hours per week - Business & Tech
Q11 Will there be a simplified agreement process to use Cofinity-X just to join this PoC? Or is it necessary to go through the common agreement for Cofinity-X? No. The Cofinity-X legal framework agreement needs to be signed.
About the PoC Q12 Is there a basic scenario prepared for the PoC (exchange data based on a specific BoM etc.)? In the conducted PoC BOM as planned - Traceability, was used.
Q13 What kind of data will be handled in the PoC? Is it dummy data? Actual transaction data? Depending on Participants 
Q14 Are there specific items to be verified in the PoC?
Or is it an individual verification for each participating company?
For example,
- From a business point of view, is it profitable to participate in Cofinity-X, and are the functions of Cofinity-X sufficient for a participating company?
- From a technical point of view, can the company successfully implement the connector and connect it to the business system, exchange data with other companies, and use the application?
- From a developer's perspective, will the application work?
The goal is to have simple summary by the end of the PoC . Cofinity-X supports this outcome.
Q15 Do you have any experience with PoC so far?
Please give us an overview of your PoC and the challenges and lessons learned from the PoC.
Datareadiness & EDC set up are most challanging. Conducted several PoCs so far, Germany, France …
Q16 Are there any issues related to cross-border data in PoCs in other regions outside of Japan? No
Usecase Q17 Are there specific use cases to be handled in the PoC? No, for the participants to decide. Cofinity-X has experience and can support Traceability 100% also with an Business Application
Application Q18 Are the applications used in the PoC already certified by Catena-X? Yes. Every EDC and Application used needs to be Catena-X certified. Feel free to contact Anna Hees to get more information about the certification
Others Q19 Does the mention of Factory-X mean that Cofinity-X will also perform Factory-X operations in the future? At the moment Cofinity-X focuses on the automotiv industry. Once we have proofpoints it is possible to expand to other industries. However, it is not decided. (Annas opinion)
Webinar Chat Questions Q20 Is it possible to collaborate on data with a specific company using only "EDC Connector as a Service" without utilizing third-party business applications (e.g., Trace-X/SAP Sustainable Data Exchange) on the marketplace? Additionally, can the data providing company implement usage-based or monthly billing through the connector? Yes. Pricing depends on each provider. 
Q21 Could you tell me the list of the current EDC as a Service Providers and the requirements to be one of them? Cofinity-X, sovity, DatafabriQ, T-Systems, SAP. Siemens App has an EDC build in
Q22 Is it possible to extend the Semantic Data Model published in Tractus-X or the Catena-X Standard Library (e.g., adding data items not included in the common data model)? If you are a Catena-X member you can activly work and support the development of the semantic models.
Q23 Anna-san explained relations between Caneta-X and Cofinity-X very well. How about the relation between Caneta-X and Gaia-X/IDSA/FIWARE/DBVA framework? How should we understand their relationship in ana-san's perspective? Catena-X is based on Gaia-X principals and connected to all other inicatives. Cofinity-X uses Catena-X standards. 
Q24 I believe Manufacturing-X will be expanding from Catena-X, at that time  does Coffinity-X also manage the operations of Manufacturing-X? At the moment Cofinity-X focuses on the automotiv industry. Once we have proofpoints it is possible to expand to other industries. However, it is not decided. (Annas opinion)
Q25 Thank you very much for your explanation. How and who will ensure that everyone has the same understanding on the data definition? I am afraid, even if the name of the data is the same, the definition could be different sometimes between different companies.   I agree, Catena-X is developing one standard. There shouldn't be any changes per company. The ultimate goal is one global standard for data exchange; internally companies can handle this different.
Q26 In the PoC environment, is it possible to use own EDC Connector based on tractus-x instead of using the "EDC Connector as a Service"? Or does the connector have to be Catena-x certified before that? Every EDC and Application used needs to be Catena-X certified. Feel free to contact Anna Hees to get more information about the certification
Q27 Even though today's explanation was about individual PoC, is it possible to join the "Global PoC" so that we don't have to involve the supply chain as yet? Global PoC = please request Catena-X for information. Cofinity-X rule = 1 up, 1 down of your supply chain to proof data exchange
Q28 I understood that there were features related to the Eclipse connector and marketplace. But one thing is unclear. Does Cognity-X manage the meter data that goes into the Eclipse connector or dictionary the vocabulary? Or can you tell me if there is an entity responsible for it? All data models and Catena-X standards are published on Tractus-X. Cofinity-X does not manage this library. (https://eclipse-tractusx.github.io)
Q29 What I don't know is that each company uses different words, so even if there is a connector, there is a possibility that it won't connect if we don't know which word is what. That's what I mean. When speaking about the "connector" we always mean EDC - eclipse dataspace connector.
Q30 Have there been some cases already which Japanese suppliers join this PoC program  with European OEMs in EU region? Yes, a German OEM and a japanese Tier-1 supplier with their EU entity.
Q31 In today`s presentation you mentioned the Factory-X for a 2024 activity of Cofinity-X, would you please explain the details? At the moment Cofinity-X focuses on the automotiv industry. Once we have proofpoints it is possible to expand to other industries. However, it is not decided. (Annas opinion)
Q32 Is it possible to have two BPNs issued in the PoC to verify the exchange within one company? Yes.
Q33 Is it possible to join PoC for testing the connection between a CFP solution/tool and Catena-X ? Yes, the PCF (product carbon footprint) use case can be tested