Result of "1st the IoT tool event for SME"

 We will announce the result of the 1st event of IoT tool for SME manufacturing industry. 

- Background

 While the creation of a new business model of the manufacturing industry by utilizing IoT, mainly in European and American companies, has begun, Japan's small and medium-sized manufacturers can do what they can do with IoT, what kind of data should be used, etc. It has trouble of. It is hoped that SMEs with such troubles can steadily utilize tools such as business applications and sensor modules that can be used more easily at low cost, abandoning the recognition that "sophisticated and unreachable"
 In RRI's "WG 1: The Manufacturing Business Revolution through IoT WG", we have been promoting the use of IoT in the manufacturing industry as a whole. Based on the above problem consciousness, from 27th July to 26th August 2016, the small and medium-sized manufacturing industry used tools and others (including new development) of existing applications and sensor modules that can be used more easily at low cost from all over the country We recruited.

 - General review

  The fact that there were more than 100 entries as a result of the public relations of related organizations, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the cooperating enterprises is to show high interest in IoT tools and to give great expectation for future business development there is. In particular, I thought that IoT tools are working as a new business of rural IT ventures, manufacturing companies, among others, that about 40% of the entries are from areas other than Tokyo and Osaka. It is further expected that it will be useful for the creation of hometown creation, work and employment. However, there are not only instantly available to small and medium-sized enterprises, but also expensive for small and medium-sized enterprises and large-scale tools that require a large amount of capital investment, not only for IoT but also for small and medium enterprises Evaluation power that supporters carefully regulate is indispensable, and motivation to choose subjectively is indispensable. I understood enough about that. In addition, it felt once again that activities to tell vendors more information on where the needs of SMEs are.

Professor Matsushima Keiji
Jury chairperson, Hosei University graduate school 


 - Result

Based on the reviewing committee centering mainly on medium and small manufacturing managers, we will publish 106 tools as "smart manufacturing advice tool" from among the suggested tools, and publish it as follows. 

 - Tool for each use case (in Japanese)

1) Tools to solve problems at the production site
2) Tools to solve problems when exchanging information with outside plants and companies
3) Tools to solve issues in clerical work
4) Tools useful for expanding overseas with globalization
5) Tools for converting own products to IoT
6) Tools related to general utilization of data
7) Tools that can be utilized from the viewpoint of human resource development

 * This tool information summarizes those that are not contrary to the purpose among the tools that you submitted under the requirement "Small and medium-sized manufacturers can easily introduce" as the list information, and the tool effect, operation, performance etc. There is no evaluation and guarantee about.