Future manufacturing industry (Video) 

ARENA2036 Imagefilm : ARENA2036

Der Forschungscampus ARENA2036 ist eine neue Kooperationsform, bei dem unterschiedliche Partner aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft unter einem Dach innovative Zukunfts-Themen zur Produktion und Leichtbau erforschen.

Future production with Industry 4.0 : Bosch

What will customers want in the future? They will demand a wider range of variants and more personalized products. Thus, future production must be able to adapt quickly to changed market requirements. Industry 4.0 is the answer to this challenge.

The next manufacturing revolution is here : TED

Economic growth has been slowing for the past 50 years, but relief might come from an unexpected place — a new form of manufacturing that is neither what you thought it was nor where you thought it was. Industrial systems thinker Olivier Scalabre details how a fourth manufacturing revolution will produce a macroeconomic shift and boost employment, productivity and growth.

The Future of Manufacturing : WEF

The World Economic Forum's Future of Manufacturing project tracks how the global manufacturing ecosystem is evolving. This five-minute investigation explores the future of industry and asks does manufacturing really matter? Leading manufacturers and policymakers discuss human capital, currency volatility, labor rate arbitrage and the potential of advanced manufacturing. The Future of Manufacturing project identifies what companies and countries must do to win in a rapidly changing world.

Mobile Robot with AI : OMRON

【Japan's first landing! Mobile robots equipped with AI technology (artificial intelligence) greatly change monozukuri! 】
~ Automatically create a map yourself and transport goods freely ~


Future life(Video)

Digital Natives - 3 years later.mov

The original Digital Native - Abbey from the Vala video - is back! This time with her sister Mali and instead of talking about libraries they're talking about fashion! Listen to how the world is viewed through the eyes of two very connected little girls.

This invention helped me write again : BBC Stories

When Emma Lawton was 29 she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
As a graphic designer, drawing is a huge part of her life but over the past three years the tremor in her hands has grown more pronounced stopping her from writing and drawing straight lines.

One day glass supports : Corning Incorporated

Looking at "the day the glass supports" The future of special glass which is the core of Corning.

Wonder Life-Box Better life for 2020-2030 : Panasonic

Panasonic thinks about "Wonder Life-Box", a facility that gives you the opportunity to experience A Better Life, A Better World "better living between 2020 and 2030".

AI for your life ~ Artificial intelligence spreading in life ~:AIST

AIST Information and Human Engineering Area The Artificial Intelligence Research Center aims to realize "artificial intelligence (AI) with high human intelligence and affinity" as a nucleus of accumulation and exchange of researchers both in Japan and abroad, As a core of cooperation between the industrial world and the industry, we set specific concrete and clear applications and promote research.